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About The School

Harrow School Online is a new kind of school that brings the richness of a Harrow School education to the homes of pupils anywhere around the world. Harrow School Online welcomes students of any gender from age 16. Harrow School Online combines rigorous full-time academic study with 'Super-Curricular' enrichment, co-curricular engagement and the flexibility of 'anytime, anywhere' learning. Our UK-based teachers prepare pupils for a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfillment. While our pupils work toward their choice of university and future career, they develop a worldwide network of friendships to last a lifetime.

To explore Harrow School Online, start with a message from Principal Heather Rhodes. See what we are looking for in our ideal pupil, and experience a day in the life of one Online Harrovian. Learn about the roles played by pupils, teachers, tutors, "success coaches" and parents inside Harrow School Online, and read about our virtual Houses. Check out our admissions requirements and key details about our technology and approach to safeguarding. If you need more information, peruse our Frequently Asked Questions.