Admissions Criteria

We expect pupils at Harrow School Online to be able to navigate successfully an online International A Level and to succeed at this critical stage of their education.

We look for pupils who will embrace and abide by Harrow School's values of courage, honour, humility and fellowship, and who have the potential to achieve a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfilment. 

The school’s Admissions Department recognises that Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to pupils’ education, academic records and grade outcomes. We welcome applications from academic and bright candidates who may not have met one of the entry criteria due to such circumstances.  

Please also note that Harrow School Online welcomes non-standard applicants from a range of educational backgrounds. We are also able to offer specialised support for pupils with Special Educational Needs

Contact one of our enrolment advisors to discuss your child’s application:  

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