Read First - FAQs

Information You Will Need

What information do I need to complete the application form?

  • A photocopy of the passport, or national ID card, of the pupil, and all parents/guardians.

  • A passport-style photograph of the pupil taken within the past 3 months.

  • Names and attendance dates for all of the schools that the pupil has attended in the past 2 years.

  • A copy of the pupil’s last 2 school reports - these must be in English. These must include the full name of the pupil, the full name of the teacher, the report date and the official logo of the school.

  • If applicable, a copy of the certificate of any recent international, national or state exams, that the pupil has taken in the past 2 years e.g. International GCSEs. 

  • If English is not the pupil’s native language, you will need a copy of their PTE-A, IELTS, TOEFL or UKiset report/ score.

  • If applicable, reports stating the pupil’s special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) - these must be in English.

  • The contact details of a teacher at the pupil’s current school who will provide a reference for the pupil. We will only accept an official institutional email - we do not accept personal emails such as “” or “”. 


Saving and Returning

Can I save my application and come back to it?

Yes, you can. Please tick the box “Save my progress and resume later” before exiting the page. You will then be able to create an account, allowing you to log in and amend your application at any time.






Do not SUBMIT your application until it is fully completed. 


Uploading Documents

How do I upload documents to the application form?

For any official documentation or reports, please provide the file in a PDF format. 

For any photographs, please provide a JPEG or PNG.


Documents Not In English

What if my documents are not in English?

We will not accept documents in languages other than English. Please upload a certified translated copy of each required document and report, and a copy of the original document.


After You Submit

What happens when I submit my application?

After you have submitted the application form, you will be asked to pay the Registration Fee. 

Once payment of the Registration Fee has been confirmed by our Admissions office, you will be sent a link to a secure video recording website. The pupil will be asked to submit a 2-minute video explaining, in English, examples from their school or home life of ways in which they have demonstrated the Harrow School Online values of: courage, honour, humility and fellowship. The video can be re-recorded as often as is necessary before it is submitted.


Confirmation of Receipt

How do I know that my application has been received?

We will send you a confirmation email indicating that your application has been received. 


Updating an Application

How can I update the details of my application?

In the spirit of fairness to all applicants, you are unable to make changes to your application once you have submitted it. 

Please note that you have the option to save your draft application at any point and log back in later to complete it. 

Do not click SUBMIT on your application until all fields have been completed to the best of your ability. 


Application Close Date

When do applications close?

The application process is open now and closes 15th August, 2020.


Contact for Questions

Who can I contact if I have a question about the application process?

If you have any questions about the application process, or need help filling it out, please contact us at or call us at +44 203 510 6649.


Apply Online

Please use the form below to apply for a place at Harrow School Online