If You Live in China

Harrow School Online China Admission

Pupils who live in Greater China have a special local support for learning about Harrow School Online and applying for a place for September 2020. All enquiries from pupils and families in China should be directed to our exclusively authorised admission team, Win International Education, which will assist by providing information about Harrow School Online and readying pupils for the application process.


HSO Authorized Admission team for Greater China Area:

Win International Education 博瀛国际教育

Office办公电话: +86 755 8661 8669

Email电邮: hso@winternational.org

Visit website Harrow School Online China 
访问 哈罗公学全球网校中文网站 

Harrow School Online Principal, Heather Rhodes, with Ms. Venus Shaw of Win International Education at the formal signing of our exclusive partnership for China.

哈罗公学全球网校校长Heather Rhode女士和博瀛国际教育创始人萧惠文女士在哈罗公学英国本部正式签约, 博瀛国际教育成为哈罗公学全球网校大中华区独家合作伙伴。