Leading and Learning

Like the very best schools the world over, Harrow School Online believes the possibilities for learning are endless. Online Harrovians experience a rich, rigorous academic programme in a unique online learning format that prepares them for success at university and beyond. Learning at Harrow School Online is personalised to bring out the best in every pupil, including those with special educational needs. All pupils also benefit from exciting "Super-Curriculum" enrichment courses, as well as through the co-curricular engagement in the school’s online arts and clubs, their work leading and serving others, and their individual offline sport and volunteer activities. An optional summer programme brings pupils together in London prior to the start of term. Combined, these elements shape each Online Harrovian's development as a whole person and have a life-long impact. 

Harrow School Online will begin serving pupils in September 2020. Places are limited, so those interested are encourage to initiate an online application without delay.