Our Academic Programme

Harrow School Online’s Sixth Form programme features Edexcel International A Level courses in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics.

Our two-year online courses have been built for Harrow School Online by Pearson, an acknowledged leader in the provision of British curriculum and qualifications. They present concepts in a way that is interactive and engaging, using video and text explanations alongside graphics, simulations and frequent checks of understanding. The self-study components of our courses are supported by live online sessions with their teachers, where pupils have the chance to discuss and practise what they have learnt.

International AS and A Level Courses

Maths, Further Maths

Mathematics is a vital part of all areas of modern life. At Harrow School Online, the International A Level courses in Maths and Further Maths provide a sound background for any pupil wishing to pursue Mathematics or a Mathematics-based degree. Maths and Further Maths develop pupils’ understanding of Mathematics and mathematical processes, illuminate the relationship between real-world problems and mathematical models, and promote the use of Mathematics as a means of communication. These courses prepare pupils to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and the evaluation of their own mathematical development.


Chemistry is the study of the elements and their compounds. Everything we see, touch or taste is made up of chemicals, and the world of technology would not exist but for the materials inside them — many developed and manufactured by chemists. 

At Harrow School Online, the two-year Chemistry course includes the exploration of theoretical concepts and the application of Mathematics. Our challenging practical simulations are inspired by cutting-edge, real-world laboratory technology.


Physics is very much the subject of the age — and our course prepares pupils to master it. Physics has the reputation of being a difficult subject because of its unique conceptual challenges.  It requires a particular, often counter-intuitive way of thinking that can be difficult to acquire but which, once mastered, has innumerable benefits, such as enhanced problem-solving skills. This is the main reason why physicists are so highly sought after in the workplace in fields as diverse as engineering, finance, education, IT, communications and government research. Famously, it is Physics graduates who write The Simpsons!


Economics is the study of how societies allocate their scarce resources in the face of unlimited human wants. A good economist needs to be able to analyse economic data, to interpret graphs and tables, to identify trends and to explain these using economic theory. This requires the ability to think logically and to write good quality English. The Economics A Level is recommended for those aspiring to a degree in Business, Economics, Politics or the Humanities. At Harrow School Online, Economics is distinguished by rich source material, engaging simulations, and many opportunities to gather, visualise and interpret data.