The elective programme at Harrow School Online is designed to give our pupils the opportunity to explore areas of scholarship above and beyond the syllabus of their A Level courses. It affords our teachers the freedom to introduce subjects which are interesting, relevant or useful, and provides our pupils a choice over what they learn. The programme promotes independent learning, extension work, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Many of our courses do not culminate in examinations. Pupils taking these courses are encouraged to discover the joy of learning for pleasure and for the sake of expanding their knowledge of the world. Others prepare pupils for an examination. Some of these examinations are required for university applications, including examinations required for studying medicine, engineering, mathematics and natural sciences at leading UK universities.

Others prepare pupils for professional examinations, such as Financial Advisor examinations from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. We also offer pupils the opportunity to take an Extended Project Qualification through our elective programme; an internationally recognised qualification which many universities in the UK credit alongside A levels. For pupils intending to apply to a leading university in the US, we offer test preparation courses for the ACT and SAT, for an additional fee. Harrow School Online also offers runs a number of clubs and societies which you can read further about here

Super-Curricular Programme 2020