The Individual Course Experience

Pupils who are enrolled in a full-time school elsewhere may add to their university preparation by participating in Harrow School Online individual International A Level courses. Our two-year courses include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, or Economics, or the intensive combined Maths/Further Maths course. For course details, see Academic Programme.

Each of these individual courses is designed to prepare pupils for success in the relevant Pearson Edexcel International A Level exam. Each course consists of seven 45-minute lessons per week: five self-scheduled self-study lessons, and two live online teaching sessions. Pupils will also meet with their teachers individually once a fortnight for personalised guidance. 

Please note that pupils enrolled in individual courses at Harrow School Online will not have access to the school’s extra-curricular or super-curricular programmes, the House system, or a Success Coach. These aspects of the Harrow School Online experience are available only to full-time Sixth Form pupils.

For details about how to apply for individual International A Level study, see Application Process. To learn more, fill in the form below.

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