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Harry Williams

Harry Williams

Having graduated with a First class Masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Sussex in 2013, Harry completed his PGCE with the University of Reading. He then spent three years at Bradfield College, a co-educational boarding school in West Berkshire, where he gained extensive pastoral experience as a tutor in Army House.

Harry has moved to Harrow School Online from Abingdon School; during his four years teaching there, he has enjoyed enriching the pupils through additional extension classes, responsible for their UKMT challenges and Sixth Form Maths Enrichment. He is a keen advocate for the power of technology to enhance and indeed transform pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of Mathematics.

What our pupils think the coolest thing about Mr Williams is.

He is so nice, so understanding and encouraging! He really cares about every individual student and always takes the time to talk/explain things to us. He is very good at recognising our strengths and always uplifts us

Great house tutor and always eager to help you out. Always happy to provide advice and help you plan ways to stay on top of all the work and emphasise the importance of balance. He also allows you to grow as an individual by helping you identify your weaknesses and guides you to strengthen them one by one. 

Always so positive! 

Mr Williams is the most cheerful and positive teacher I've ever had and is constantly supportive as a house tutor, to talk through endeavours outside of the school. As I'm sure all his students would agree, speaking to Mr Williams never fails to brighten your day.