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Heather Rhodes - Principal

Heather Rhodes - Principal

Heather is the Principal of Harrow School Online, the first purpose-designed fully online British education from a leading independent School.  She is particularly interested in the potential of online education for building global communities of learning and increasing the accessibility of exceptional education.  Prior to her current role she worked at Harrow School for over ten years both as Head of English as an Additional Language, and as Academic Principal for Harrow School Short Courses, where she had academic oversight of language study holidays for young international students. In 2014 she set up an online English tutoring school and gained extensive online teaching and teacher management experience.  As a result of this experience she became a strong advocate of the potential of technology to transform education. 

Heather holds a degree in English Studies from the University of Nottingham and postgraduate qualifications in English teaching from Kings College London and in teaching management from English UK.

What’s the coolest thing about Ms Rhodes?

As a principal, she is so approachable, open-minded, respectful and supportive! I can see that she truly cares about students and the wider community, and she works so hard to make this school such an amazing place with so many opportunities. 

Great headteacher, really determined to see us all thrive.

She is very approachable and kind to students. She makes Harrow School Online to be the best online school with her willingness to listen to advice.

Indescribably passionate and determined to ensure we succeed inside and outside of Harrow School Online. 

When she joined health and sports society last year it was great fun as she supported the student leaders to run the workouts and enjoyed taking part too! 

Kind and understanding. Always there to help.

Can talk about dead insects for 5 minutes and still make it sound interesting 

She is always so positive and excited which is very inspiring.