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Welcome from the Principal


Harrow School Online is a school like no other. We offer a unique blend of tradition and innovation, providing a world-class British education through an entirely online medium. We share the same high expectations of our pupils as Harrow School, drawing on our 400-year heritage to create conditions in which scholarship can flourish. We also share the belief that the development of character is every bit as important as examination grades. 

However, while our understanding of excellence in education has been a long time in the making, our mode of delivery is firmly in the twenty-first century. Our online community of learning crosses continents, ensuring international collaboration is part of the everyday curriculum, and allowing pupils to access a world-leading education from their own homes. 

We recognise that the world we live in is changing rapidly and that education must adapt to the new challenges this presents. Our modern, online world is fast-paced, globally connected and personalised to reflect our interests. Education can be the same. 

Harrow School Online offers a unique opportunity for bright girls and boys to develop their shared love of learning in a carefully designed, globally connected school. We give pupils the flexibility to study at a time and pace that suits them, individualising their learning and structuring their timetable so their education fits around their lives.  

Our academic approach includes a blend of self-study lessons with instant feedback on learning, live taught lessons with small class sizes and individual support sessions to ensures that all pupils have personalised support and feedback. Our broader curriculum includes a regular life-coaching sessions, a Study Skills and Mindset programme, a unique programme of electives designed to stretch and extend, and a wide variety of clubs and societies. We help our pupils manage their studies while developing a sense of purpose and the skills to navigate an unknown future. 

Harrow School Online has set out to revolutionise education. 

Ms Heather Rhodes
Founding Principal, Harrow School Online