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Who the School is for

At Harrow School Online, we take pride in the high standards that every pupil is expected to meet. Our purpose at Harrow School Online is not only to help pupils achieve academic excellence and fulfil their ambitions of attending the world's top universities. We also seek to develop independent thought, intellectual curiosity and other qualities towards a life of leadership and personal fulfilment.

We welcome strong applicants with one or all of the following attributes: 

  • An academically-minded pupil who wants to stretch themselves to the best of their ability, with a willingness to work hard and an ambition to be part of one of the world’s greatest institutions.
  • A pupil who would benefit from a more flexible school schedule, gaining a top-class education while pursuing a passion in sports, philanthropy, business or the arts.

  • A pupil who needs flexibility of location as they will be relocating during their sixth form education, or would like to be able to split time between different countries or spend time travelling during their A level studies.

  • A pupil whose individual style of learning is not well-suited to the traditional classroom and who would thrive in a more personalised setting.

Harrow School Online requires its pupils to be dedicated, focused and organised, and rewards them with an education like no other.