A Day in the Life

Imagine Marcus Gao, an Online Harrovian.

Aged 17, Marcus lives in Dalian, China. He has his sights set on the University of Oxford, a career in neuroscience, maybe even a Nobel Prize one day - which is why he is thrilled to have been accepted to Harrow School Online.

Marcus is engaged in a rigorous, bespoke programme of International AS and A Levels, super-curricular electives and co-curricular activities. Marcus’s main focus is his academic work. He loves that his daily lessons include deep, challenging material that he can master at his own pace, live online sessions with his teachers and peers, individual guidance, and video masterclass segments featuring teachers from Harrow School.

Marcus is also developing his leadership skills and perfecting his English by leading a school-wide science book group and preparing a TED-style talk about gaming and neuroplasticity. He additionally serves as a volunteer at Dalian Children’s Hospital for one hour each week.

Although he is busy and focused,  Marcus always enjoys the time he spends in weekly House meetings where he has made some good friends from Russia, Malaysia and the UAE. He is looking forward to the chemistry field trip next March, when he’ll get the chance to meet up with them in person.

Meanwhile, Marcus's parents are delighted to have discovered this premium-quality but affordable schooling option for Marcus. They are also glad to have him nearby for his last years before university.