Inside Harrow School Online

At Harrow School Online, we combine the best of British tradition with the future of education.

We aim to bring excellent education online, providing outstanding and distinctive British schooling into the homes of pupils around the world. Harrow School Online has been developed in partnership with Pearson, the world’s learning company. We are a full-time, co-educational school serving students in the Sixth Form (typically ages 16 to 18) as they prepare for International A Level examinations. We bring the Harrow experience to our pupils in their homes, developing the motivation, skills and determination of our pupils through an education that involves high levels of academic achievement, a diverse range of co-curricular opportunities and a House system that support pupils in their online education.


At Harrow School Online, pupils take responsibility for their learning.

Harrow School Online pupils work at home or the location of their choosing. They are in charge of their daily timetables, ensuring that they complete all required assignments and prepare appropriately for projects and examinations. They build these skills of initiative and self-management within a school environment that gives personalised attention and support. They attend regular online meetings with their House tutor to help them set and achieve their academic goals, and they ask for help from their teachers whenever they need it. They have fortnightly meetings with a Success Coach in which they formulate plans for university and beyond, then work out what steps they need to take to make those plans a reality.

Teachers and Tutors

Harrow School Online builds upon the educational tradition of Harrow School, which combines a deep level of scholarship with teaching that engages and enlightens. Teachers at Harrow School Online have been specially trained to bring that unique approach online in order to reach pupils around the globe.

In addition to leading live-teaching sessions shaping the online self-study content, Harrow School Online teachers serve as House tutors, working with pupils individually each week to further their overall academic progress.

Harrow School Online teachers also drive the Super-Curriculum to enrich pupils' learning experience beyond core academic subjects.

Success Coaches

At Harrow School Online, pupils are guided in their university and career explorations by professional Success Coaches. Each pupil has a Success Coach who supports them to thrive in the present and plan for the future. Success Coaches work with pupils to develop their academic, personal and social skills while applying for the university of their choice and preparing for the career of their dreams.

The Success Coach fulfils this critical role through a combination of fortnightly one-to-one guidance sessions and small-group sessions tailored to pupils' needs.

Harrow School Online Success Coaches also advise on various co-curricular activities, from the Debating Society and the school newspaper to the STEM Club, providing multiple opportunities to build relationships with and mentor Online Harrovians.


As Harrow School Online pupils attend school primarily from home, parents have a clear view of their children's learning and play a crucial role in their success.

Harrow School Online’s technology platform keeps parents updated in real time on their children’s progress, providing them with the tools they need to guide and motivate. Our Success Coaches work closely with our parents to help them support their children’s education.

Being a Harrow School Online parent requires a unique commitment, but is extremely rewarding.

The Houses

Inspired by the boarding houses at Harrow School, Harrow School Online is organised into virtual Houses which connect pupils and staff beyond academic study.

Each House comprises approximately 75 pupils, with a Head of House selected from the upper sixth form (year 13). Houses are led by a House Master or Mistress and have a dedicated team of tutors and a Success Coach. Online House meetings provide a forum for announcements, discussion and the celebration of traditions such as inter-House competitions. Friendships between pupils are strengthened by mentoring across year groups and House-based co-curricular activities.