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Additional Needs

Harrow School Online is an inclusive school which is committed to equal opportunities for all. 

We welcome all pupils who meet the admissions criteria, including those who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We embrace our duty to make reasonable adjustments for those pupils who have SEND or additional learning needs, and are committed to understanding and meeting those needs during their time at Harrow School Online. 

By its nature, online schooling can provide a welcoming environment for pupils with SEND, as pupils study from the comfort of their own home with fewer distractions than a traditional classroom. Self-study lessons can be reviewed at a time and pace determined by the pupil, and all LiveLessons® are recorded and can be watched back if required. 

Our Success Coaches are SEND specialists who can provide support to pupils with a wide range of needs. The nature of the support will depend on the exact needs and will be determined in consultation with the pupil and their parents. This may include individual lessons, group study skills lessons or accommodations made by teachers in the live lessons.  

As with a traditional school, we apply for accommodations to be made by the Pearson Edexcel examinations board which reflect the pupil’s normal way of working when pupils take their International AS and A Level examinations.