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Super-curriculum and Electives

At Harrow School Online we have developed a super-curriculum that enables pupils to pursue additional academic endeavours: academic competitions, guest lectures, and electives.

The elective programme gives our pupils the opportunity to explore areas of scholarship above and beyond the syllabus of their A Level courses. It gives teachers the freedom to introduce subjects which are interesting, relevant or useful, and provides our pupils a choice over what they learn.  

The Extracurricular and Electives have been great and I am trying so many new things I would not have even thought of earlier!

As we put some things on his resume, I thought, wow, Harrow has made a significant impact on him being a whole student, not just an A level student. He's doing lots of other things that have enhanced his softer skills.
Julie Larrucea, Parent

The programme promotes independent learning, extension work, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. 

  • Many courses do not have examinations. Pupils are encouraged to discover the joy of learning for pleasure and for the sake of expanding their knowledge of the world.  

  • Some courses prepare pupils for an examination, such as those required for university applications (including medicine, engineering, mathematics and natural sciences at leading UK universities). 

  • Other courses prepare pupils for professional examinations, such as Financial Advisor examinations from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.  

  • We offer the Extended Project Qualification, an internationally recognised qualification which many universities in the UK credit alongside A levels. 

  • For pupils intending to apply to a leading university in the US, we offer test preparation courses for the ACT and SAT, for an additional fee.  

ELECTIVE Programme 2022/23