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Referral Partner

Harrow School Online has a referral partnership programme to support:

  • Associations who have or work with families and pupils who need a more flexible approach to schooling that fits in around their passions, training and family life.
  • Schools who want to be able to refer families/pupils to a high-quality school to cover part of the curriculum which they don’t cover and to put the decision making to the parent
  • Organisations who would like to offer the school as part of their benefits package to their employees or members.

Referral Partners recommend Harrow School Online to participating families showcasing the schools’ unique benefits:

  • Provides pupils with the flexibility necessary to succeed in their busy lives.
  • Fully accredited, uniquely individualised learning programme is customised to each pupil’s unique talents, and challenges.
  • Personalised approach empowers pupils to learn in a way that is suited to their abilities.
  • Best of all, our flexible scheduling makes it possible for pupils to have the time and focus they need to excel in their area of passion - while continuing to keep up with their education.

Email our Partnerships team to receive a call back.

Partnership Opportunities with Pearson

Harrow School Online works with Pearson on both school and courseware partnership opportunities that are an effective and beneficial solution for you and your pupils. Across our family of online schools we provide a high-quality and engaging education that supports our pupils to thrive and move onto the next step in their lifetime of learning journey.

Whether you are looking for a US or British curriculum, a flexible way of scheduling learning or a way to expand your curriculum offering, we have the solution to meet your needs. Our partnership opportunities illustrate a forward-thinking approach to education and our commitment to schools, pupils, associations, and organisations.

Are you?

  • A school that is planning to expand the range of grades/year groups and or subjects you can offer to your pupils?
  • An international school looking to add courses to your curriculum which will gear your pupils for broader and higher opportunities in their education?
  • A home-school cooperative/network seeking to increase the breadth of offerings to your families?
  • A sports association or facility looking for flexible education options for your athletes to enable them to train at a higher level?
  • A performing arts academy interested in offering a personalised academic curriculum to your performers?
  • A music society or academy that requires flexibility for its young musicians so they can fit their academic learning in around their practice and touring schedules?
  • An organisation that has pupils falling behind in their academic studies due to a busy schedule of interests and passions outside of school?

We have two further types of partnership opportunities that can support you: School Partner and Courseware Partner.