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From School Work to International Software Success.

From School Work to International Software Success.
Gillian Hughes

Online Harrovian, Ooj Srivastava, has seen their school coding project contribution implemented across universities, banks and a large conglomerate in India.  

Developed as part of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Ooj’s work with a company in the recruitment space involved the development of proposed solutions for verifying the documents required during the onboarding process. 

In completing the EPQ, Ooj worked through a range of experimental projects, looking at competitor solutions, proof of concepts and delegate work. A comprehensive research, build and implementation process ensured that the proposed solution filled the identified market gap and was fit for purpose.  

 The resulting software, which includes Ooj’s coding, proved to be an outstanding success and was purchased by a number of universities and banks, as well as a large conglomerate in India.  

Crispin Davis, Chemistry Teacher and Ooj’s EPQ project mentor, said: “We encourage our pupils to take full advantage of all we offer, from a bespoke programme of A Levels and super-curricular electives to leadership opportunities and global friendships. The Extended Project Qualification is an elective course designed to develop learners’ critical thinking, reflective, problem-solving and independent learning skills – something that Ooj has demonstrated with resounding success. What started as a school project has expanded into something much larger and has given Ooj a small taste of what the future may hold.” 

The EPQ is an internationally recognised qualification that is warmly received by universities, not just for its additional UCAS points, but also for its rigorous academic content, self-discipline and independent research skills as well as a clear demonstration of pupils’ true passion for their chosen areas. 

The one-year qualification involves 25 live lessons across three academic terms, with the support of a dedicated project mentor. For more information on the EPQ as well as our full range of rigorous academic studies and co-curricular activities, contact us at