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Harrow School Online pupil Tray-Sean Ben Salmi wins Young Innovator award

Harrow School Online pupil Tray-Sean Ben Salmi wins Young Innovator award
Rachael Hobbs

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, A Level pupil at Harrow School Online, won the Young Innovators award at the Potential Unlocked Awards earlier this month. We extend our huge congratulations to Tray-Sean, whose win was down to the advice and support he gives others on finances, mindset, and motivation, largely through his instagram and LinkedIn channels. 

He says: "I am really passionate about this as I think it's something very important for people of all ages to have an understanding of how the world works through finances.” 

Understanding finances has helped Tray-Sean, who is also a trader, take control of his finances and see how he could set himself up for success. “I was then able to see how the learnings are applicable across all areas of life and decided to not only get my finances in check but everything … trading takes a lot of self-discipline which has had a knock-on effect in all areas of my life.” 

This is something that Tray-Sean talks about in a TedX talk he did in June: Financial Education is Kids' Stuff  

Tray-Sean credits his mum for getting him started when he was seven, and shortly after he co-authored his first book with his elder sister. "My mum, grandma and siblings played a huge role in helping me get to where I am today along with a number of mentors and coaches.” 

So, what’s next for Tray-Sean? Aside from his A Level studies, he is revamping his trading mastermind groups and has another book coming up. As a family they also have a publishing course coming soon. 

Tray-Sean says: “The flexibility of Harrow has allowed me to pursue all of my interests whilst being able to further my education.” 

Of the award, it was “a really nice surprise ... and I am very grateful for being nominated.” 

Congratulations Tray-Sean!