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Pupils reflect on their first term

Pupil at Harrow School Online
Rachael Hobbs

Two of our Year 12 pupils tell us how they are finding learning and life at Harrow School Online. 


“It has a high quality teaching material and staff. The teachers are engaging and they seem very caring towards us. The platforms used are very easy to operate and are very self-explanatory.” 

João Pedro Dall'Acqua, Pupil 

Pupil at Harrow School Online


“These teachers are honestly the best I have ever had, the whole system works really well for me. And from the friends I have made I feel like I have known them my whole life. 

[Of the live lessons] Really enjoy them, and it's so refreshing to find a school where the teachers actually know their subject and are more than happy to answer questions, as well as don't get frustrated when they have to repeat any bits of information.  ... the teachers at Harrow School Online are brilliant at making me look forward to joining the lesson even if I may not be enjoying the topic or am finding it difficult.” 

Noor Elabd, Pupil 


Would you like to speak to a pupil to find out more? Contact our friendly admissions team who can arrange a conversation with one of our pupil ambassadors