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The Evolution of Schooling

The Evolution of Schooling
Elaine Tibbatts

Principal, Heather Rhodes, joined experts on the Think 2050 podcast to discuss the opportunities for remote learning.

Discussing the founding of Harrow School Online and her perspectives on the future of online education, Heather pointed to the growth of British education as a brand and the value placed on a British Curriculum within the UK and across the world, which has helped the school to create an international community of academically minded learners.

When establishing the school, both Harrow School and Pearson shared a vision for expanding high quality, British independent education, online. Working together we came up with the ethos of Harrow School Online in which we were able to transfer what works well in independent school education, with an online medium and a full-school experience. A school that can produce young adults who go on to do great things and make a difference in the world.

Discussions were held around the exciting learning provision that is going to be available within the next 10-20 years and the potential that remote learning has. This is made possible by a gradual change in mindset in parents and carers who have always thought of school as a physical place where you send your children but can now see the benefit of a more individualised learning pathway.

The events of 2020 have of course accelerated this consideration, and as a result of the pandemic, more and more students are being given the choice (to attend physical schools, online-only schools or a blended approach).

The overwhelming consensus of the podcast contributors was that it can only be a positive thing for education to be moving in that direction.

Listen to the full podcast here