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Winners Never Quit

Winners Never Quit
Harrow School Online

The Harrow School Online team were delighted to take part in the International Business Olympiad and achieve a stunning placement of first overall in Europe, and fifth in the world.

Hallie Tsui was one of the members of the team of four.  She says “Being part of the IBO team, I would definitely say competition builds up our resilience, determination and most importantly our communication skills.  Despite the fact that none of us have ever studied Business as an A-level, all of us were medallists in the individual tasks. Thus, believe you will succeed, and you are halfway there.”

The IBO strengthens the bonds and interactions between students.  The Harrow School Online team found the most interesting part of the competition to be the case analysis, where all four members are grouped together to discuss and share insights about the business proposal.  This year’s proposal centred on creating a budget for marketing and marketing strategies for an imaginary bottled water manufacturer, Genki Zone. Hallie notes that this was an area in which they were particularly successful: “With all of us persevering, our hard work paid off with a second place globally in case analysis”.

Overall, the International Business Olympiad is a challenging competition but one that is well worth entering, and Harrow School Online was delighted to represent the UK in this global competition.   Hallie summarises the team’s feelings about competing, saying “In general, we are delighted to be able to take part in the IBO which not only reinforced our business knowledge but also our personal development.”