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Harrow School Online take first place in this year's International Business Olympiad
Gillian Hughes


Harrow School Online are beginning the new school term celebrating after winning this year's IBO (International Business Olympiad). Giving the UK first place in the national rankings and beating Singapore and China into second and third place. 

IBO (International Business Olympiad) is dedicated to training a new generation of global business leaders through a full-scale Business knowledge competition.

An outstanding performance from all five of our pupils involved; in the individual competition we took four of the top five positions.  It's a UK win, but maybe it should be counted as a win for international collaboration... our team were working alongside each other from three countries (the UK, Malaysia and India), and the international nature of our school makes for a fantastic fusion of ideas and knowledge.

Principal Heather Rhodes said "As a school we are incredibly proud of them, and of our world-beating Economics department."

A great way to kick off the new academic year.

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