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Gillian Hughes

As we look ahead to this year’s summer exam period, the horizon is filled with plenty of opportunities for pupils to reach their full academic potential.

Beginning 4 April, we are offering our 2022 Easter Revision Programme with FULL BURSARIES to a limited number of high-achieving learners in Maths and Physics, waiving the standard fee of £750 per subject. In addition, our online tutoring provision brings engaging sessions from fully-qualified UK teachers to wherever your young learners are in the world.

The benefits of online revision and tutoring 

Online support opens up a new world of focus and flexibility:

  •  Learners build knowledge and confidence in the comfort of their own home
  •  The teaching environment is safe, secure and consistent, with no interruptions
  •  Pre-tutoring tests build a detailed, accurate picture of learner ability
  •  Tailor-made digital tools track progress in an instant, for exceptional feedback
  •  Intelligently spaced learning techniques enable the maximum retention of content
  •  Pupils can return to their resources any time, at a pace that best suits their needs
  •  Geographical constraints, and concerns around COVID-risks, are entirely removed

Research conducted into the impact of online revision and learning suggests that not only can small-group tuition boost pupils progress by several months,[1] but that studying in relaxed spaces provides the optimum climate for learning,[2] which in turn helps to build stronger, longer-lasting memories.[3]

The opportunities for learners to grow and thrive are wide and far-reaching. 

Thanks to abundant developments in the field of digital learning, online support for pupils has never been better. At Harrow School Online, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and resources, enabling learners to talk with expert tutors in real time, share leading resources, and access fully personalised support.

Our revision and tutoring programmes are open to Harrovians and non-Harrovians alike, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses with precision, targeting any relevant gaps in learning, and accelerating subject knowledge for GCSE and A Level.

Our online tutoring provision is now accepting applications, with each programme consisting of a minimum of 10 sessions, along with a full suite of lesson materials and assessments.

Meanwhile, anyone aiming for top grades in Physics and Maths, and wishing to enrol on our Easter Revision programme, can secure their place for 4 April to 14 April, while a limited number of free full bursaries remains available.

Learn more about each programme in the Tutoring and Revision sections of our website today.


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