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This is a busy week in the School with our pupils taking part in two challenges. 

UK Mathematics Trust’s Senior Maths Challenge 

On Tuesday 4 October, all pupils at HSO studying Maths or Further Maths will sit the UK Mathematics Trust's Senior Maths Challenge, a 90 minute, multiple-choice challenge. Our pupils will be challenged to show off their skills in mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. The problems on the Senior Maths Challenge are designed to make pupils think. Two of our pupils have created some tips for the Maths Challenge: 

“Be strategic: work in a logical order so that you can make fewer careless mistakes. Drawing diagrams or a little sketch is helpful for answering questions!”
  -  Hallie 

“Be efficient: do not stay on one question for too long so that use the most of your time. Skip questions you are unsure of and come back to them later.”
  -  Ashley  

World Economics Cup 

On Thursday 6 October, pupils will be competing in the World Economics Cup. The World Economics Cup (WEC) is an international education initiative and platform for high school students who are interested in economics. 

WEC aims to identify, inspire, empower and support the next generation of leaders in the economics field and to develop their international network. Our pupils will be encouraged to not only solve economics problems, but also to think about how to use economics to solve global problems. 

"I am excited to apply traditional economics theories and apply them into emerging issues and development of economics in the present and future."
  -  Pupil at Harrow School Online 


We wish all of our pupils the best of luck, and hope they enjoy stretching their minds in these stimulating and intellectually challenging challenges.