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Online Learning

At Harrow School Online, our educational programmes are specifically designed for online learning to ensure that pupils are fully engaged in their learning and that teachers are equipped to bring out the best in every pupil. 

Many schools had to quickly deliver learning online as a result of COVID-19. Harrow School Online is not a response to that situation, but a fully online learning experience designed before the pandemic, building on Pearson's 20 years of expertise in online schools. 

Pupils study from home, joining live taught lessons with expert teachers, in small class sizes with peers across the world. This is within the structure of a complete school programme that also includes the flexibility of self-paced learning, extracurricular activities, and a Success Coach to help keep pupils on track and thriving. 

It has been a great experience. I have really enjoyed the switch to online learning. I have noticed that I am becoming more independent and developing other skills that allow me to be more flexible with my time.
StudentI think online is great because it's going to prepare him better for university. He has to figure out how to schedule his own time. How to get things done, when to get them done, how to be disciplined enough to get it done as there's not somebody every day checking it. I think it will prepare him better for his life.
Julie Larrucea, Parent