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The Individual A Level

In addition to its full-time Sixth Form programme, Harrow School Online offers an individual A Level programme for pupils wishing to experience high-quality online schooling on a part-time basis.   

Harrow School Online offers two-year courses in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics or Spanish as well as an intensive combined Maths/Further Maths course. 

Pupils admitted onto our combined Maths/Further Maths course will study the majority of their maths modules in year 12 and the majority of their Further Maths modules in Year 13. 

Pupils may study one or two A Level subjects as part of the Individual A Level programme. On applying, pupils can indicate the times – whether morning, afternoon, or early evening – that they wish to timetable the LiveLessons® component of their studies. This means that pupils enrolled on the Individual A Level programme can schedule their learning at Harrow School Online alongside attendance at another academic institution.   

By studying individual A Levels, pupils gain access to a broader range of subjects and teaching techniques than would otherwise be available to them. This enables pupils to pursue their academic interests and develop new study skills at the same time as making new friends and strengthening their university applications.  

Our courses prepare pupils for success at Pearson Edexcel International A Level qualifications, which are recognised by the world's leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League. 

Online Harrovians study a combination of fixed LiveLessons® and flexible self-study lessons. Each pupil's progress is continuously monitored via a data-rich learning platform, while regular one-on-one meetings with their teachers ensure Online Harrovians are on track for success. 

Enrichment Programme

Pupils studying one or more Individual A Levels at the School can also experience the School's richly rewarding non-academic programme by participating in the Enrichment Programme. This programme enables a pupil to develop deeper relationships with school friends from around the world and to enjoy the wider aspects of being part of the School's community. A pupil in the enrichment programme can attend:  

  • any of the wide-ranging courses in the Elective programme; 

  • the Skills and Mindset course; 

  • clubs and societies; 

  • House meetings; and 

  • the weekly School Assembly.